BBC - Full Circle with Michael Palin [Part 1]

BBC - Full Circle with Michael Palin

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Michael Palin’s fascinating journey around the 18 countries on the Pacific Rim

“This is the richest, longest, most ambitious and most exhausting of all the journeys. There was so much to do and so many different terrains, climates, foods and illnesses to experience that at one point it seemed like we were engaged on the ultimate new Olympic event - Full Circling.”

Michael Palin

Michael’s journey through all the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean was anything but ‘pacific’ as blizzards, Bogota’s Bullet Street and an Alaskan abandonment pushed him and the crew to the limit. But there was time for adventure including crawling through the Viet Cong’s Cu Chi tunnels, sharing a feast with head-hunters in Borneo and helicoptering into New Zealand’s Tasman glacier.




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