cmiVFX 3D Compositing in Fusion

cmiVFX 3D Compositing in Fusion Tutorial | English | 2.3 Gb

This focus of this video is geared towards multiplane and standard 3d manipulative compositing. We built this video to show you the WHOLE TRUTH about compositing. When working in a production pipeline, often source materials are coming from multiple applications and even multiple FX houses. Learn to bridge all the gaps in your workflow with file translations from Cinema 4D, Maya, Boujou, PFTrack and Fusion 5x. See how all the products integrate quite well with each other, and allow you to get the results you need. We designed it this way to show you the worst case scenario, and how its not that bad after all. We have all the final footage for the Fusion composites in the download area. If you have any of the other apps, we also included there working files for those as well.

Of course we include all of the courseware for this video, but that would be robbing you of the true production experience. We show you how to build the materials used on this video as well! Not only that but we include the work files of all the applications used in this video. This part of the video covers setting up background plates to be rendered in global illumination within the cinema 4d interface. We include BOTH the rendered files AND the C4D docs as well. All in all, this is the most comprehensive video training for Fusion and its 3D compositing system.

Preparing 3D Compositing in Fusion:

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3D Compositing in Fusion:

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