The Happening (2008) [DVDRip]

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The film opens in New York. People start to get confused in Central Park, repeating their words, standing still and sometimes walking backwards. We hear a few screams. And the the lady who we first see is confused takes her chipstick style hair pin out of her hair and stabs herself with it.

In the next shot, it focuses in on a science teacher named Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), talking about the event science can not explain about thousands of disappearing bees, no bodies left, no trace. While speculating on the phenomenon this is the disapearing bees, he is suddenly called out of class to a staff meeting warning about an appearent "terrorist attack" in New York in which terrorist have appearently realeased some kind of gas in Central Park, and advising that school is canceled.

Eventually the movie moves on to show Rittenhouse Park where a cop on the road shoots himself in the head. A driver gets out of his car, takes the gun, and also shoots himself in the head. We see a pair of high heels walk over and a hand starts to pick up the gun, then a shot.

Meanwhile on a building site, works on the ground are chatting when all of a sudden a body falls. Panicked, thinking the worker just fell off the roof by mistake, they rush over to his boken body (yes, this whole movie is very graphic and this scene shows his legs and arms with bones snapped from the fall into inpossible, bloody-ed positions). While over the body, another thud, another worker. They look at him confused, one is possible, two is unlikely, and when the third falls, it seems impossible. Then yet another and another, crashing to earth. When they look up they see many running off the edge, appearently by their own will, looking completely calm, and sure of their actions.

Elliot and his wife Alma (Zooey Deschanel) flee Philadelphia on a train, with a friend, a math teacher at the same school, and his daughter Jess. On the train people start to get reports by cellphone that the attacks have been reported at their destination in Philadelphia.

The train ends up leaving them in a small rural town, as the conductors have lost radio contact with everyone else. At a diner they see a newscast that suggests the suicides are not caused by a terrorist attack, but by a natural phenomena. The friend, who has lost contact with his wife, starts to panic as some lady shows Elliot a youtube type video she was sent on her iphone showing a man walk into the lion's den at the zoo, allowing himself to be attacked. The friend leaves Jess with Elliot and Alma to go and look for his wife in Princeton, when he is offered a ride by people heading that way. (When he gets there it is infected, and, after the driver of the car he is in crashes deliberately into a tree the friend slashes his wrists with glass and dies.)

Elliot and Alma decide, along with everybody else, to flee for the state line, as the attacks seem only to be affecting the northeast US. A nice couple who run a plant nursery offer to take them in their car. The man suggests to Elliot and Alma that the toxin is produced by plants. He explains the way plants can communicate with other plants, and the way they can release chemicals to get rid of specific pests.

While trying to reach the state line they see bodies ahead in the road. Turning back they meet many other cars, all converging on a country road junction; all report bodies back the way they have come. They abandon the cars and strike out on foot, heading for a small remote housing development one man (army personal) knows about. It's small and not on any maps except local ones, so they hope it will be safe from the terrorists since it appears they are focusing on large cities and roads.

While walking across the fields they form into two groups because they start to think it may be possible the plants are releasing chemicals because they feel threatened by the people. The smaller group (10-12 people), with Elliot, Alma and Jess is in front. The larger(20-25 people), including a soldier and the plant couple, is ahead of them by 3 or 4 minutes. This larger group gets affected, and the soldier become dellusional shouting something about how he is a soldier and his gun is his friend, and he will not leave it. Then Elliot's group hears the gunshots as one by one they use the soldier's gun to kill themselves. Elliot starts to believe that it is indeed the plants, and that the toxin is triggered by large groups of people. He yells at everyone to split up to smaller groups.

Elliot, Alma, Jess and two teenagers find a showhome for a new development. They use some comic relief as Elliot talks to a plant he sees blowing inside and introduces himself saying he is giving good vibes so it won't harm him. It turns out the plant in plastic, but he keeps talking for a little just in case - and probably feeling like an idiot. As they leave they look back, and see two small groups of people arrive at the showhome, forming one larger group (12-15 people approx). That many people trigger the toxin, and they stand around confused, except for one man who starts up a large commercial lawnmower, then lays in the grass in front of it as it rips him apart. (We assumed the camera would cut away, but it doesn't! As previously started, this movie is extremely graphic!)

Our five people all end up on the front porch of a boarded-up house, asking for food. The inhabitants of the house refuse and shoot the two teenagers dead.

Elliot, Alma and Jess move on till they find an old house with no power, which they think is abandoned. A spooky old lady lives there, who chooses to remain out of contact with the whole world. She doesn't want to know about the event in the outside world, however she gives them supper and a bed for the night. In the morning she tells Elliot they have to go (she seems completely bonkers). She then goes outside (into a garden) and is affected by the toxin. Elliot runs through the house trying to find Alma and Jess. They are outside in a spring house, he is stuck in the main house; however he can talk to them through a speaking tube. He explains that the toxin now seems to be set off by even one person alone.

Elliot decides that if he is going to die he doesn't want to die alone. They all leave their safe hiding places and walk into the middle of the garden and hold hands. The wind blows. Nothing happens. IT had ended.

Three months later and they are all living back in Philly. Jess is off to school by bus. Alma is doing a pregnancy test; it's positive. On the TV is a scientist warning that the event was like a red tide; the first sign that the planet is rejecting humans as pests. The host says that if that were true it would be happening in other places.

Cut to the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. Two guys are walking discussing plans for after work that evening. Cue distant scream; one guy starts to repeat his words about a bike, everyone stands still; other guy says (in French) "Oh my God".

End credits.



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