The Ruins (2008) [DVDScr]

The Ruins (2008)

DVD-SCR | XviD | English | 528x384 | MP3 124kbps | 91mins | 707MB

Genre: Horror/Thriller

The Ruins is directed by Carter Smith & written by Scott B. Smith( he wrote a novel on which this movie is based on). A lot of good actors, good story and a nice score on IMDb ensure that you will not be disappointed if you watch this movie. Download Video Sample for quality check. I hope you will enjoy this release.

Based on the terrifying best-seller by Scott Smith, “The Ruins” follows a group of friends who become entangled in a brutal struggle for survival after visiting a remote archaeological dig in the Mexican jungle - where they discover something deadly living among the ruins. To know more about characters in the movie continue reading: On vacation in Cancun, six friends go on an excursion to visit an archaeological dig near Coba. Jeff, a type A guy who is set to begin medical school in the fall with his girlfriend, Amy; Stacy, Amy’s best friend, an irresponsible and promiscuous aspiring social worker whose nickname is “Spacy” along with her boyfriend, Eric, an immature high school teacher; a fun-loving Greek guy nicknamed “Pablo,” who lacks a common language with any of the others; and Mathias, an intense, thoughtful German tourist round out the cast of characters.

STARRING: Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Laura Ramsey, Shawn Ashmore, Joe Anderson

IMDb 6,4/10(3702 votes)


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